Philanthropy can provide financial support, knowledge, networks and expertise to assist in delivering health outcomes through health and medical research.

 New philanthropy has many parallels with venture capital.  Philanthropreneurs are looking to “make a difference’, adopting the due-diligence, benchmarking, performance and reporting mechanisms employed by investors.

 Philantropreneurs may provide their financial support in tranches and use risk mitigation strategies to ensure their support is contributing towards the delivery of community benefits.

 Trusts and foundations may also benefit by developing higher impact strategies with clear goals, objectives and reporting structures to facilitate the deliver of community benefits through translational mechanisms.

 Centuris can assist you with;

  • Strategic planning and organisational development, advice and facilitation
  • Strategic giving, advice and facilitation

  • Grant management

  • Building sustainable collaborative frameworks and communication
  • Finding research and collaborative partners to assist philanthropists find potential solutions to problems

  • Stakeholder communications and presentations