Project management is vital for future capital raising success.  Once your technology development programs are underway the potential of the technology will need to be underpinned by exceeding or meeting investor expectations.  Technical outcomes will of course be important, but progress that is completed on time and on budget will be a major determining factor.

Project Managment

Centuris can assist your organisation plan, review and manage commercially focused technology development programs.  By either managing the program itself or acting as a consultant to your scientific and management team we can facilitate or drive value adding Research and Development activities.

Standardly, research plans and activities will include; performance benchmarking, milestones and predetermined assessment criteria facilitating the stop/go decisions required in a commercial and focused research environment.

Centuris can also assist with identifying providers and managing the outsourcing of research activities building a coherent and co-ordinated program cognisant of the need for quality and regulatory systems.

Research Translation

The translation of research outcomes to application involves communication, collaboration and partnerships.

The translation from discovery/innovation to commercialisation and the translation from clinical investigation to clinical practice and policy have been recognised as hurdles in the pathway.

These are areas where the transition from investigator initiated research (push) to consumer driven research (pull) becomes more important.  It is here that the concept of “evidence based marketing” needs to be considered when planning and undertaking a research project.

If your potential future partners need to know the answers to questions ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ and your research is focused on providing answers to ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ you may need to revisit your research plan and available resources.

We can assist your researchers and organisation to review and implement translational research strategies, project specific activities and assist with education through courses, seminars and mentoring.